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ATF-1612-U Facial Recognition Thermal Imaging Table Top System  Insize

ATF-1612-U Facial Recognition Thermal Imaging Table Top System

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Product Description

Facial Recognition Thermal Imaging Table Top System

This system introduces a highly advanced built-in facial recognition algorithm and high resolution infrared thermal imaging camera allowing accurate temperature measuring. This brand new technology will identify someone by face, even while wearing a face mask. It can also locate the forehead and accurately measure forehead temperature without touch. The ATF-1612-U is the ideal solution for fully automatic, contactless access control, facial recognition, and temperature measurement.

  • Access Control via Facial Recognition
  • Time Stamp Attendance
  • Human Body Temperature Meter
  • Mask Detection
Facial Recogition System

Features include...

  • Extremely Versatile
    • Turn features on and off as desired and customize to your needs.
    • Both audible and visual alerts can be turned on and off.
  • Safety / Cost Savings / Fast / Accurate
    • Eliminate the need for hand held close human monitoring.
    • More consistent than hand held system
    • Moves people through quickly
  • Contactless Forehead Temperature Measurement
    • High Accuracy Infrared Thermography measures body temperature in 0.1 seconds
    • Accurate to +0.5°F with no need for additional Black Body System
    • State of the art technology self calibrates automatically every 30 seconds.
  • Mask Detection
    • Detects if person is wearing a mask or not.
  • Facial Recognition
    • Done in 0.2 seconds without the need to position a body into a screen frame.
    • Accuracy 99.9% and can be integrated with door or gate access.
    • Save up to 30k readings or turn that feature off if so desired.
  • Time Stamp
    • Records the time the person passes through the scanner