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54-199-890 Fowler Trimos V8 43

54-199-890 Fowler Trimos V8 43"/1109mm Electronic Height Gage With Fine Adjustment

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Product Description

Fowler Trimos V8 Height Gage with extreme precision, repeatability, high resolution and with Swiss made finish. It is equipped with specific handle for fine adjustment.

After the very successful launch of the V-line height gages, Fowler Trimos has developed a new instrument in its height gage family, the V8.
The mechanical design and delivery scope of the V8 are identical to the V9. It shares the features that made the model V9 so successful: extreme precision and repeatability, high resolution, and Swiss made finish. What is to underline about this new model is its specific handle for fine adjustment. Trimos developed this fine adjustment to answer to specific applications requiring a fine adjustment of carriage position. 
The Fowler Trimos V8 guarantees, like its predecessors, an extremely easy use with great robustness, flexibility and extreme precision. 
The large 2-line « Black Mask » display of the V8 offers an exceptional contrast in all lighting conditions. The display provides functions that are directly accessible and depicted with symbols easy to understand


Technical Data:
Measuring Range: 
Range with probe inverted: 
Max. Permissible Errors (µm): 
1.2 + L(mm) / 1000
Frontal Squareness Deviation: 
Repeatability (2s): 
0.00002″/0.0005mm (Ø 0.00004″/0.001mm)
Battery Life (Hrs): 
Squareness probe: YES (accessory available)
Air Cushion: YES


  • Measuring ranges 400mm, 700mm and 1100mm
  • Specific handwheel for fine adjustment
  • Extremely easy to use
  • High contrast display allows easy reading at any time with user friendly functions
  • Electronically adjustable measuring force 0.75/1.5 (N)
  • Vast range of accessories
  • All adjustments possible without tools
  • Cast iron base for optimal stability
  • RS232 and USB interfaces
  • Air cushion (on all models except V3)
  • Dual probe holders (on all models except V3)
  • Manual displacement
  • Measures heights, diameters, perpendicularity, centerlines, Min/Max/Delta

All V Models Include:

  • Charging unit
  • Measuring insert with ruby ball Ø4mm
  • Setting gage
  • User's manual
  • Test certificate


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