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Deltronic Class X GO/NOGO Pin Gage Assemblies w/ Marked Handles  Deltronic

Deltronic Class X GO/NOGO Pin Gage Assemblies w/ Marked Handles

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Product Description

These Deltronic Class X GO/NOGO Pin Gage Assemblies make for easy to perform the following types of measurements...

  • Quality Control and Inspection
    • Pin gages are commonly used in manufacturing and quality control processes to verify the dimensional accuracy of machined holes and bores.
  • Calibration of Measurement Instruments
    • Deltronic pin gages can be used as a reference standard to calibrate other measuring instruments such as micrometers and bore gages.

  • Tool Setting
    • Pin gages are used to set the size of tools like adjustable reamers or boring bars to a specific diameter.
  • Machining Setup:
    • During machining operations, pin gages can be used to ensure that machined holes are within specified tolerances.
  • Go/No-Go Testing:
    • The pins are often used in a go/no-go fashion, where a "go" gage should pass through a hole, indicating that the hole is within tolerance, while a "no-go" gage should not pass, indicating an out-of-tolerance condition.
  • Laboratory Measurements:
    • Deltronic Class X Pin Gages are suitable for laboratory use where high precision is essential, and accurate measurements are required.

Each Assembly includes the following...

  • 1 Class X GO Pin
  • 1 Class X NOGO Pin
  • 1 Double End Handle with Bushings
  • Marked Handles includes...
    • GO Size
    • NOGO Size
    • Gage Control Code (up to 12 digits)

Select Pin Gage Range from the Pulldown Menu.

You can enter your specific Pin Gage Sizes (2 per assembly) in the Notes section during checkout, or you can send an email to