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Deltronic Metric Thread Measuring 3-Wire Sets  Deltronic

Deltronic Metric Thread Measuring 3-Wire Sets

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Product Description

Each set of 3 wires is contained in a screw-top vial. The vial is packaged in a hinged-lid box which is labeled to show pitch and Calibrated Wire Size. The Calibrated Wire Size is also shown on the Certification of Accuracy contained in each set box.

Features include...

  • Commonality, three wires within each set are within 5 millionths (.000,005”), .00031mm of calibrated size. 
  • Set Diameter is within 20 millionths (.000,020”), .0005mm of “best” wire size and calibrated to the nearest 10 millionths (.000,010”), .00025mm of the exact size.
  • Roundness is within 10 millionths (.000,010”), .00025mm.
  • Surface Finish is better than 2 microinches AA, lapped.
  • Hardness, Rc 62-64 stabilized.
  • Straightness of the central 1/2 inch of the wire’s length is within 10 millionths (.000,010”), .00025mm maximum deviation.

Please select Pitch / Nominal from Pulldown Menu.