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FGE-1XY Shimpo Force Digital Gage

FGE-1XY Digital Force Gage 1lb Range

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Product Description

FGE-1XY Digital Force Gage 1 lb Range

Specifications include...

  • 16 oz / 500 g / 5 N Capacity
  • 0.01 oz / 0.1g / 0.001N Resolution

Shimpo's workhorse gage just got better! It is now faster, smarter, easier to use!

The Series FGE-XY Digital Force Gauges combine a rugged, ergonomic and compact design with exceptional accuracy to provide a solid force testing instrument. These instruments are utilized in a variety of applications such as, incoming quality inspection, finished goods testing, R&D or almost any portable or force stand testing requirement.

Simple one button adjustment alters units, while pressing the peak button quickly produces the highest recorded value during the test. The 180° reversible display combined with the adjustable force direction and dual labeled keypad enable the FGE-XY to excel in both compression and tension applications in any direction.

Features include...

  • 1000 Hz Sample Rate
  • Hi Accuracy (+ 0.2%)
  • 180° Reversible Display
  • Variable Display Rate
  • 200% Overload Capacity
  • Die Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Selectable Auto-Shut Off

Accessories include...

  • AC Adapter / Charger
  • Carrying Case
  • Hook
  • Chisel
  • Flat Head
  • Notched Head
  • Hanger
  • Cone Head
  • Thread Adapter
  • Extension Rod