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HDT-LP200 Insize Portable Hardness Tester Portable Hardness Testers Insize

HDT-LP200 Insize Portable Hardness Tester

$ 590.00

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Product Description

The HDT-LP200 Insize Portable Hardness Tester is a reliable and accurate tool for determining the hardness of a variety of materials. Its Impact Device D ensures precise and repeatable testing results in the field, making it an ideal choice for the hardness evaluation of metallic materials. This tester is easy to operate and perfect for situations where quick and accurate on-site testing is required.

Optional Impact Devices available for specific applications.

Packages available With or Without a Wireless Printer.

Features include...

  • Dual-Coil probe for high accuracy
  • Universal testing angle, no need to set impact direction
  • Based on Leeb (HLD), converted to Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Rockwell (HRC, HRB), Shore (HSD) and tensile strength.
  • Dual value display, shows both Leeb and converted hardness
  • Large LCD Display with backlight
  • Can choose large font display and statistic display
  • Automatically calculate maximum, minimum and average values
  • Save up to 300 readings
  • Operation Temperature: 14°F - 113°F

Specifications include...

  • Resolution: 1 HLD / 1 HV / 1 HB / 0.1 HRC / 0.1 HRB / 0.1 HSD
  • Accuracy: +6HLD (when HLD=800)
  • Measuring Range:
    • HL 170-960 / HRC 17-70 / HRB 13-109
    • HB 20-655 / HV 80-940 / HSD 32-99.5
  • Power Supply: 2 AA Batteries
  • Dimensions: 5.31" x 3.03" x 1.26"
  • Weight: 0.53 lb

Package includes...

  • HDT-PL200 Main Unit
  • Hardness Test Block D
  • Small Support Ring
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Impact Device D