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HL250-AY Fiber Optic Gooseneck Illuminator

HL250-AY Fiber Optic Gooseneck Illuminator

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HL250-AY Fiber Optic Gooseneck Illuminator

This 150W Light Source includes 2 metal-sheathed light cables, each 22 inches long, and can be bent in various positions to provide light exactly where it is needed.

Features include...

  • 150W Halogen Variable Intensity Fiber Optic Light Source
  • Convenient top window design for changing bulbs
  • Forced Air Cooling System
  • 3200 Degrees Kelvin Lamp Color Temperature
  • Metal Construction

This is a fiber optic dual light microscope illuminator in mint condition. Its top window design is convenient for changing bulbs. Its auto-shut-off mechanism will cut off electricity automatically when the window is open. Each metal-sheathed light cable is 22-inch long and can be bent into various positions. Light source is a 110V unit with solid-state controls. The lamp is 150Watt with fully adjustable intensity. This cool high intensity lighting system is excellent for biological and electronic applications. This unit is brand new in original box. Its retail value is above $1,200.