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IPC7/215 Factory Floor PC Shop Equipment vendor-unknown

IPC7/215 Factory Floor PC

$ 5,395.00

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Product Description

Industrial PC w/Integrated Keyboard

Shop hardened PC built for the factory floor

The IPC 7 measures just 31 x 39.5cm, this mobile, fan-free industrial PC offers a lot of technology: PCI slot, touch screen, heating, UPS battery, automatic cut-off and much more.

The IPC 7 is ideally suited for applications in production halls and in outside areas. It can be used as a vehicle terminal on forklifts, commissioning vehicles, construction machinery and trucks, or stationary on machine tools.

Its robust construction (IP65) combined with excellent communication abilities, for example, WLAN radio connection, also opens up new fields of application.

Includes the following...


15” TFT XGA color display / analog touch panel

Integrated F keys / Numerical Keyboard

Fast Ethernet 10/100

RF-network card available

1GB RAM & 40GB hard drive


Power supply 110/230 VAC 100W

3 COM ports, 2 USB

IP65 cable cover, mounting bracket