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Meyer LC Steel Class Z Gage Pin Library .0110 - .7500 Vermont Pin Gages Meyer

Meyer LC Steel Class Z Gage Pin Library .0110 - .7500

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Product Description

Meyer Class Z Steel Gage Pin Library

Make quick and accurate measurements with Meyer Gage Pins. With these Gage Pins, you can measure hole sizes, calculate distances between holes, gage slot widths, check locations, and perform GO / NO GO gaging.

Meyer's Class Z Gage Pin Libraries are now made to a closer tolerance (0.0001"), are more accurate, and are a better solution for your needs.

  • The Class ZZ had a size deviation of 0.0002".
  • The new Class Z has a size deviation of 0.0001".

Features include...

  • Class Z tolerance: 0.0001"
  • Pins range in size from .0110" to .7500"
  • 740 pc Library, .001" Increments
  • Supplied with 4 Drawer Metal Cabinet
  • GO - PLUS
  • 2" long
  • 8 microinch finish or better
  • Certificate of Accuracy or better

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