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Mitutoyo PJ-PLUS Vertical Optical Comparator 4

Mitutoyo PJ-PLUS Vertical Optical Comparator 4" x 4" Stage, M2 Display, Edge, Stand

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Product Description

Mitutoyo's PJ-PLUS Vertical Optical Comparator

The Mitutoyo PJ-Plus is a new series of profile projectors that utilize LED lighting and provides reliable measurements in manufacturing site environments. The PJ-Plus provides stable dimension and angle measurements in harsher environments conventional models can't handle, such as manufacturing and processing lines.

Model PJ-P1010A specifications include...

  • 12" Diameter Screen
  • 4" x 4" / 100 x 100mm Stage Size
  • 0.0001" / 0.001mm Resolution
  • Built in Digital XY Counter
  • Includes Optical Comparator Stand

PJ-Plus Series Summary

  • LED illumination
  • Stepless illumination adjustment
  • Improved durability
  • Intuitive operation
  • Built-in digital XY counter
  • Available with M2 or QM-Data 2D processor

Includes M2 Digital Display

Mitutoyo's newest M2 Digital Display is the display that is included in this package. The M2 is a full Graphic-based display with Mitutoyo's M2 Geometric 2D Measurement Software and Color Touch Screen that makes for quick and easy measurement functions.

Optoeye Edge Detection for M2 Display

Designed for use exclusively with the Mitutoyo M2 Processing Unit, the Optoeye Edge Detection helps make measurements more accurate and more repeatable by eliminating the human element. The Optoeye is a small, fiber optic camera that recognizes the movement of your part on a profile projector by monitoring the image on the profile projector. When the image changes from dark (shadow) to light, the Optoeye recognizes the exact point where that change occurred. This allows you to not only increase the speed of the measurements, but also make the measurements more accurate and more repeatable between different operators.

LED Illumination

The PJ-Plus implements LED illumination, a brand-new feature and design on profile projectors, replacing traditional halogen lighting. The adoption of the LED illumination source eliminates the need for a cooling fan in the main unit, drastically decreasing the entry of oil, mist, dust, etc. into the measuring instrument. LED illumination offers many benefits as well, including...

  • Better durability & longer service life, greatly reducing lamp burnout
  • Lower main unit power consumption, from 400W to 60W (about 85%)
  • Drastically reduces oil adhesion to internal mirror, lens and light source
  • Prevents rate of decline in illumination by about 50%
  • Maintains high optical performance even in harsh environments
  • Requires less frequent maintenance, resulting in lower maintenance costs
  • Better color reproducibility, consistency for improved on-screen image
  • Very little color change in illumination when intensity is adjusted

Stepless Illumination Adjustment

The PJ-Plus uses a much more efficient and effective stepless illumination control instead of the conventional 2-step illumination adjustment system. This allows for the level of lighting to be set precisely to suit the surface texture and color of the workpiece. These options include...

  • Color temperature varies much less with LED illumination as compared to halogen illumination
  • Projected image under LED illumination is sharper, easier to inspect

Built-in Digital XY Counter

The PJ-Plus features a built-in digital XY counter on the front of the machine. The digital counter displays XY axes and angle readings using high-intensity LEDs and a large character display for easy visibility unaffected by the environment. The operator can use the machine and view the readout directly on the projector as opposed to looking at an auxiliary DRO.

  • Provides improved ergonomic benefits & faster readings
  • Eliminates the need to use a DRO unit
  • Data output of each counter value adopts the highly versatile RS-232C interface
  • Resolution: 0.001mm/.0001"

Mitutoyo PJ-PLUS Display

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