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Mitutoyo U-Wave FIT Wireless Package with Receiver for Mitutoyo Micrometer Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo U-Wave FIT Wireless Package with Receiver for Mitutoyo Micrometer

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Mitutoyo U-Wave FIT Wireless Package for Mitutoyo Micrometer

If you already have a Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer and want to be able to send data wirelessly to a PC, this is the package you are looking for.

This new Mitutoyo U-Wave FIT Wireless Package includes a Mitutoyo U-Wave FIT Connector and U-Wave FIT Transmitter that fit a Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer. This new design allows for a snug fit behind the display resulting in a more ergonomic feel.

With the U-Wave Fit plugged into a Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer with SPC Output, you can send measurement data wirelessly from your Micrometer to a Mitutoyo U-Wave Receiver that would be connected to your PC's USB Port. This would allow you to send data from approximately 100' away directly into Microsoft Excel or SPC applications.

The U-Wave Fit is the same technology as Mitutoyo's standard U-Wave Wireless technology, just a smaller version.

Included in this package...

  • Mitutoyo U-Wave FIT Connector
  • Mitutoyo U-Wave FIT Transmitter
  • Mitutoyo U-Wave USB Receiver
  • USB Connecting Cable
  • U-Wave Setup Software

Works with the following Mitutoyo gages...

  • Mitutoyo Micrometer 293-Series
  • Mitutoyo QuantuMike Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo V-Anvil Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo Uni-Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo Disc Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo Blade Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo Gear Tooth Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo Screw Thread Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo Point Micrometers
  • Mitutoyo Micrometer Head 350-Series

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