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Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless Transmitter Cable AZG011 Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless Mitutoyo

Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless Transmitter Cable AZG011

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Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless Transmitter Cable

Mitutoyo's U-Wave Wireless Data Collection System gives users the ability to send data from a Mitutoyo Gage with SPC Output to a PC that is up to 100' away from the gage.

A Mitutoyo U-Wave Wireless system is made up of the following 3 items...

  • Mitutoyo U-Wave Receiver
    • Located at the PC, this small device captures data from up to 100 different transmitters. The U-Wave Receiver then sends the data to your Windows-based software of choice, including SPC software packages as well as Microsoft software packages like MS Excel and MS Access.
  • Mitutoyo U-Wave Transmitter
    • Out at the Mitutoyo Digital Gage, a U-Wave Transmitter is used to wirelessly send data from your Mitutoyo gage to the U-Wave Receiver. Each U-Wave Transmitter has its own digital ID and is "married" to a specific U-Wave Receiver, so you can have multiple U-Wave Transmitters and multiple U-Wave Receivers in the same general area and you don't have to worry about data being sent to the wrong U-Wave Receiver.
  • Mitutoyo U-Wave Connecting Cable
    • This short cable, usually about 6.5" in length, connects the Mitutoyo gage to the U-Wave Transmitter. Mitutoyo gages usually are using 1 of 7 different types of connectors, so make sure to get the correct U-Wave Connecting Cable that will fit your Mitutoyo gage.

This short cable is used to connect a new Mitutoyo ID-C/ID-F Digital Indicator to a Mitutoyo U-Wave Transmitter unit.

Transmitter not included.