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MMP-MC-PKG Wireless Data Package to USB for Digital Length Gages USB US Made

MMP-MC-PKG Wireless Data Package to USB for Digital Length Gages

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Product Description

Wireless Data Sending Package for MMP-Series of Digital Length Gages

This package is specifically designed for our MMP series of Digital Length Gages.

This will allow you to send wireless data from your MMP to a PC's USB port just like you typed the data in on a keyboard. This means that when you send the data, it will be placed wherever your MS-Windows mouse cursor is in ANY Windows-based software.

Because the data is treated like a keyboard entry, you can send data directly to an Excel spreadsheet, or and SPC data collection software that you can type data into. This makes data collection from your Digital Length Gage very quick and easy to do.

Included in this package...

  • 6.5" Connecting Cable for MMP Digital Length Gage
  • MC-MM-V2 Wireless Transmitter
  • MC-BASE-KW-USB Receiver with USB Connecting Cable
  • Set up software

As of January 1 2021, all MMP Digital Length Gages have an SPC output, so this cable works with ALL Digital Length Gages purchased after January 1, 2021.

Specifications include...

  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM band
  • Range: Up to 133' line of sight indoors
  • Connections
    • Base: 6' USB Cable - included
    • Module: 6.5" RS232
  • Security: 32-bit encryption for secure transmission
  • Power Supply
    • Base: USB Powered
    • Module: CR2 Photo Lithium Battery
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F - 122°F
  • LED Status Indicators
    • Power On
    • Data Packet Received
    • Signal Strength