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MMTB Digital Length Gage, Extended Anvils, Stationary Stand

MMTB Digital Length Gage, Extended Anvils, Stationary Stand

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Product Description

The MMTB Digital Length Gage offers a rugged alternative to calipers for longer length measuring.

The MMTB Digital Length Gage is similar to out very popular MMP Digital Length Gage, only with larger anvils.

  • MMP Digital Length Gage Anvils: 3.375" x 2.25"
  • MMTB Digital Length Gage Anvils: 6" x 4"

The MMTB with a built in stand also includes a 16" wide table / stand. Thus, providing more working room for your parts.

When compared to regular calipers, the MMTB boast larger anvils than calipers, and it is also available in longer lengths and offers a non-marring surface for the material to rest while being measured. Thus, eliminating errors from the tool being misaligned with the surface of the part.

This unit is designed to simplify the quality control process of measuring overall part dimensions. The MMTB integrated table prevents the operator from needing to hold the part or the measuring tool, which can often be cumbersome with larger parts.

This MMTB Digital Length Gage is mounted to an industrial strength stand that is designed to be out on the factory floor. This makes the MMTB Digital Length Gage the perfect measuring device to let you measure lengths out by your machines, increasing the speed of production times by providing fast and accurate measurements. The precision moving carriage with handle also makes for maintenance free performance.

Features include...

  • Easy to read LCD Digital Readout
  • Inch, mm, & fractional display
  • IP67 Rated Protection on Scale
  • IP60 Rated Protection on Display
  • Display includes Industrial Grade "C" Battery
  • Adjustable parameters for presets, datum, and offsets.
  • Standard Base Material is UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Polyethylene
    • UHMW Polyethylene is highly resistant to abrasion
  • SPC Output
  • Includes Industrial Strength Stationary Stand
    • Working Height is 36" from floor
  • Includes Certificate of Calibration

Specifications include...

  • 0-60" / 1524mm Measuring Range
  • 0.001" / .01mm / 1/64" Resolution
  • 6" x 4" Standard Size Anvil
  • Encoder Accuracy: + 0.0002" / 0.005mm
  • MMTB Repeat-Accuracy: + 0.0002" / 0.005mm
  • 36" Working Height from floor
    Digital Length Gage Casters

    This gage is available WITH or WITHOUT CASTERS.

    With casters, the MMP can be moved around from 1 measuring location to another, wherever the gage is needed. Once in the desired location, the casters can be locked to prevent any further movement.


    • Free Shipping included to Continental US locations.

    Gage & Stand are made to order.

    Lead time is approximately 10 weeks after receipt of order.


    MMP Encoder

    Non-Contact, Wear-Free Linear Encoder

    The MMP encoders use magnetic sending technology, so they work without contact and ensure a virtually wear-free and maintenance-free operation. This ensures high-accuracy measurements for a lifetime.

    Unlike rotary encoders, there are no moving parts. All the mechanical components found in rotary encoders (flange, shaft, bearings, etc.) are not needed, which eliminates mechanical failures and deficiencies.

    MMP Battery Powered Display

    Battery Powered LCD Digital Display

    The MMP Digital Displays are powered by the standardized and readily available "C" battery with a battery life up to 12 months*.

    Features include:

    • Inch, mm, or fractional display with direct button conversion between inch and mm.
    • Can be zeroed or referenced anywhere along the guide rail
    • Battery life indicator

    *Dependent on battery type and usage

    MMP Mar-Free Base

    Includes a Mar-Free Base

    One of the biggest problems with digital calipers is the measurements are subject to variation between operators due to misaligning the jaws with the parts being measured. With the MMP, simply place the part on the base and close the jaws. No more worrying about ensuring the part is square within the measuring jaws.

    MMP Bearings

    Maintenance-Free Bearings

    The MMP utilizes a self-lubricating UHMW bearing pad. This material has a low coefficient of friction, which ensures a smooth carriage travel.

    Unlike roller bearings, there is no required lubrication or concerns about breakdown. Thus, maintenance costs and downtime are virtually eliminated.