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MMVB-96 Digital Length Gage with Stand 96

MMVB-96 Digital Length Gage with Stand 96"

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Product Description

The MMVB Digital Length Gage simplifies the measuring of lengths of round parts.

The MMVB Digital Length Gage is designed to simplify the quality control process of measuring overall dimensions of round parts. The MMV features a more robust construction and integrated v-blocks to make measuring round parts much more user friendly. A rigid support stand is included with optional casters for portability.

Features include...

  • Non-contact linear encoder for direct and precise measuring
  • Battery Powered LCD Display
  • Integrated stand with keyed v-blocks
  • Available in any length - No limitations
  • Maintenance-free stainless steel roller bearings
  • Customized to fit application requirements
  • SPC Output
  • Includes Certificate of Calibration.

Specifications include...

  • 0-96" / 2438mm Measuring Range
  • 0.001" / .01mm Resolution
  • Repeatability: + 0.001"
  • Jaw Size: Up to 6" OD standard
  • 36" Working Height
  • Overall Length = Measuring Range + 10"
  • Free Freight to Continental USA addresses ONLY.

Gage is made to order.

Lead time is approximately 8-10 weeks after receipt of order.


MMP Encoder

Non-Contact, Wear-Free Linear Encoder

The MMP encoders use magnetic sending technology, so they work without contact and ensure a virtually wear-free and maintenance-free operation. This ensures high-accuracy measurements for a lifetime.

Unlike rotary encoders, there are no moving parts. All the mechanical components found in rotary encoders (flange, shaft, bearings, etc.) are not needed, which eliminates mechanical failures and deficiencies.

MMP Battery Powered Display

Battery Powered LCD Digital Display

The MMP Digital Displays are powered by the standardized and readily available "C" battery with a battery life up to 12 months*.

Features include:

  • Inch, mm, or fractional display with direct button conversion between inch and mm.
  • Can be zeroed or referenced anywhere along the guide rail
  • Battery life indicator

*Dependent on battery type and usage