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MC-BASE-KW-USB-72 MobileCollect Base USB Keyboard Receiver MobileCollect Wireless MicroRidge

MC-BASE-KW-USB-72 MobileCollect Base USB Keyboard Receiver

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Product Description

MobileCollect Base Receiver with USB Cable, Keyboard

The USB Base receives measurements from MobileCollect Transmitter Modules and Remotes. Connects directly to and is powered by USB port on a PC or a laptop.

This Receiver forwards the incoming data directly into MS Excel, Minitab, any Windows-based SPC Software, or even a cloud-based data collection program without using any Wedge-type software utility.

Includes setup program and a 72" USB cable.

Range up to 133 feet.

Key Features:

  • RF Sniffer determines clear channels for the most reliable operation.
  • Supports an unlimited number of Mobile Modules.
  • Configured by an easy-to-use Windows setup program.
  • Field upgradeable firmware.
  • Range is up to 133 feet.
  • You can have several base units adjacent to each other. Each base will only receive data from the Mobile Modules or Remotes that have been associated with the base.
  • Incoming data will be treated by Windows just like a keyboard entry. No extra software to purchase or have running during data collection.

Works with the following solutions...

  • Windows - based
    • Excel Spreadsheets
    • Access Databases
    • Minitab
    • Labview
    • QI Macros
    • SPC Software Packages
  • Web / Cloud-based
    • PLEX
    • CEBOS
    • 1factory
    • Google Docs