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PH-3515F Mitutoyo Optical Comparator w/QM Data, Edge Detection & Stand Mitutoyo Optical Comparators Mitutoyo

PH-3515F Mitutoyo Optical Comparator w/QM Data, Edge Detection & Stand

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Product Description

Mitutoyo PH-3515F Optical Comparator Package

Mitutoyo's PH-3515F is a heavy-duty, bench-top optical comparator that uses a horizontal optical system. This optical comparator includes an 8" x 4" floating-type workstage that incorporates linear scales for fast, accurate measurement. The workstage provides high accuracy and can handle a workload of up to 100 lbs.

The PH-3515F offers a 14" diameter screen that includes cross-hairs for easy alignment and an erect image on Day-bright screen.

A wide range of accessories are also available for the PH-3515F making it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Mitutoyo QM-Data 200 Digital Display

Mitutoyo's popular optical comparator digital display, the QM-Data 200 utilizes a comprehensive key panel that makes it easy for any operator to use. Measurements of combined elements such as circle-to-circle distance, etc., can be measured via one-touch operation. Furthermore, the measurement procedure navigation display, which indicates the next data entry position during a measurement, makes it possible for a beginner to know at a glance where the next measuring position is.

Mitutoyo QM-Data 200 Features include...

  • Graphic displays on a large LCD screen for easy operations
  • One-key operation for combined measurements that are often used (circle-to-circle distance...)
  • Automatic Identification of measuring item eliminates switching between the measurement command keys.
  • Includes measurement procedure teaching function.
  • Data output to MS-Excel format (csv).

Package Includes the following...

    • Mitutoyo PH-3515F Main Unit
    • 10X Lens
    • Mitutoyo QM-Data 200 Digital Display
    • Mitutoyo Optical Comparator Stand for PH-3515F
    • Mitutoyo Optoeye 200 Edge Detection
    • Free Freight
    • Free Onsite Installation & Initial Calibration

    Mitutoyo Optoeye 200 Edge Detection

    Designed for use exclusively with the Mitutoyo QM-Data 200, the Optoeye 200 Edge Detection helps make measurements more accurate and more repeatable by eliminating the human element. The Optoeye is a small, fiber optic camera that recognizes the movement of your part on a profile projector by monitoring the image on the profile projector. When the image changes from dark (shadow) to light, the Optoeye recognizes the exact point where that change occurred. This allows you to not only increase the speed of the measurements, but also make the measurements more accurate and more repeatable between different operators.


    FREE On-site Installation & Initial Calibration