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QC-CALC Enterprise Data Loader

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The Enterprise Data Loader (EDL) typically resides on a central server at each plant and is responsible for synchronizing data from QC-CALC with data in a SQL database. EDL is actually two applications; the EDL Client and EDL Load Service. The EDL Client is a normal Windows application that provides a fast and easy way of setting up the loading events for the EDL Load Service. The EDL Load Service moves your CMM and gage inspection results directly into the SQL database at the scheduled frequency.

This synchronization is done through recurring scheduled events that are set up by the user to synchronize dynamic or specific lists of QCC files with particular databases. Unlike a standard QC-CALC export, EDL synchronizes all changes in your QC-CALC databases including historical and 21 CFR Part 11 changes.

In the Enterprise Data Loader you set up events that serve to synchronize your QCC databases with a central SQL Server database. Each event requires only three main components; the QCC databases to synchronize, the SQL database to use, and how often the load will occur. From there, the EDL Load Service automatically wakes up at the scheduled time and loads all the changes in the specified QCC databases to the SQL database. There is nothing to learn and you typically only need one copy of EDL per plant.