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QC-CALC Enterprise Report Software

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Product Description


Enterprise Report Scheduler (ERS) is a reporting system that allows for the creation of interactive charts, data visualization, and deliverables (Reports, Exports, Dashboards, Snapshots, Full Views, and Triggers) across parts and/or plants. Reports and exports can be scheduled and powerful filtering allows detailed data grouping to call back specific details, compare characteristics made on different machines, etc. The real strength of ERS is its ability to provide a top-down view of the overall quality within the factory.

Windows Application or Service

Like other Prolink products, ERS can be run either as an application or as a Windows service ensuring deliverables, such as reports or dashboards, continue to process even when the application is shut down. Services can be grouped and monitored by administrators to ensure timely delivery of content to consumers in the company.


Entire factory capability in one report. Ability to compare plants against one another to identify the most capable plant. Automatic reporting/exporting scheduler for timed reports. Live, fully customizable dashboards can be displayed throughout the plant. Full View places hotspots over a map of the shopfloor to instantly see quality issues. Powerful record and characteristic filtering. Activate physical and on lights throughout the shop floor for increased visibility. Link characteristics to 2D/3D CAD drawings for quality callouts. Trigger actions based on the arrival of data and trends



Exporting of Statistics

Export jobs can be set up to export either raw data or statistical results for downstream usage outside the system. Exports can even be set up to run SPC Office Buddy Excel Jobs for full automation.

Triggered Actions

Triggers allow the monitoring of part files for new data. Upon arrival, triggers can be set to check for specific conditions and/ or trends. If conditions are met, a customizable list of actions (reports, emails, running of scripts, etc) execute creating a logical rules-based system.


Although its power lies in scheduled reports delivered to QC-Mobile or the inbox of management, reports can be run manually or automatically. Like QC-CALC, all typical output formats (PDF, etc) are supported as is the ability to customize the report template.


The fully customizable dashboards provide critical real-time information through the use of pictures, charts, and statistics. Widgets are simply dropped onto the surface and linked to data to create stunning displays. Generated dashboard images can then be displayed anywhere in the factory without extra licenses of ERS.


Full View

Similar to dashboards, this live display allows the placement of and on light hotspots on a background image such as a factory blueprint. The hotspots are then linked to measurement data and trend rules to provide instant feedback about the inspection within a particular cell. As trends occur, the and on lights begin flashing yellow or red based on severity of the exception. Hotspots can also optionally flash physical and on lights on the shop floor for more visible notification. Hotspots support drill down capability to find the trend that occurred and optionally run charts on the related data.

Full View hotspots also support drill through, allowing the hotspot state to be representative of an entire separate Full View. Summary Full Views can be created that drill to other Full Views giving management a high level overview with zoom capabilities.