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QC-CALC Office Buddy Software

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Product Description

The SPC Office Buddy is a revolutionary new data reporting software that integrates directly with Minitab, JMP, and MS Excel to run reports using CMM data collected by QC-CALC Real-Time. This direct integration virtually ends manual data entry once and for all. The Buddy allows you to set up custom filters to reduce your data before sending. When finished, you can run statistical reports or Sixpacks on any subset of your data and then place these charts into your Excel reports in the location of your choice. The Buddy automatically sends each feature’s label, nominal, tolerance, and subgroup information straight to Prolink Charting, Minitab, or JMP without typing, saving you time and money.


SPC Office Buddy displays your collected measurement data, including PLC data, as a grid of numbers that you filter by both rows (records) and columns (characteristics). Buddy can then run either Prolink Charts or Minitab charts with the click of a button. This saves an enormous amount of time since all nominal and tolerance data is automatically sent to the chart without the need to manually enter it for each characteristic. The data and charts can then be automatically placed into the custom Excel report of your choice in the exact location you specified.


SPC Office Buddy supports a wide range of statistical reports out of the box and more are constantly being added. Running a report is as easy as filtering your data on-screen and choosing a report from the Stats menu. The SPC Office Buddy will take all the data from your screen, export it directly to Minitab and launch the Stats report or Sixpack of your choice.

Want a quick stats report on a subset of your data?! Your Buddy has it covered!

Highlight a set of columns or rows. You can even highlight a set of cells right in the grid. When you choose the Stats report, just specify your selected data in the dialog and you're on your way!

The following are a list of currently supported statistical reports: 

  • XBar - Range
  • XBar - Sigma
  • I-MR-R/S
  • XBar Charts
  • Range Charts
  • Sigma Charts
  • Zone Charts
  • Box Plot
  • I-MR
  • Individuals
  • Moving Range
  • Raw Data (True Position) *Prolink Charting ONLY*
  • 3D True Position *Prolink Charting ONLY*
  • Gage R&R Study
  • Gage R&R Run Chart
  • Individual Distribution Identification
  • Run Charts
  • Capability Analysis
  • Capability Sixpack/Capability Composite Chart


    With Prolink Charting, you are only a click away from full color statistical charts. The charting package now comes built-in with the Buddy. All charting in the Buddy is currently supported. This includes the following list.

    • XBar & R
    • XBar & S
    • I-MR-R/S (Between)
    • Xbar
    • Range
    • Sigma
    • Zone
    • I-MR

    Charts in the Prolink Charting package can be resized, copied/pasted into your report, and used in Excel Jobs via the Buddy.

    Gage R&R

    In addition to the Gage R&R charting, the Buddy can also report your Part Variability, Repeatability, Reproducibility, and Total GR&R statistics as values in your Excel report.

    • Individuals
    • Moving Range
    • Gage R&R Study
    • Gage R&R Run Chart
    • Run Chart
    • Capability Analysis
    • Capability Composite Chart
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    To enable Charting, simply download the SPC Office Buddy 3.4, go to Tools > Options > Chart Settings and choose Prolink Charting from the Chart Tool list.


    With Prolink Charting, you aren't only limited to charts. You will also have a whole list of statistical calculations at your disposal. Don't spend time setting up your Excel spreadsheet to calculate your statistics by hand. Instead just place tags in your template and replace them with your calculations in seconds. The Buddy currently supports all major SPC statistical calculations including Min, Max, Mean, Median, Range, Lower Control Limit, Upper Control Limit, RBar, Sigma, Sigma By R, Cp, Cpk, Pp, Ppk.