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FW2-1M-USB Single Gage USB Interface Box Gage Interface Boxes US Made

FW2-1M-USB Single Gage USB Interface Box

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Product Description

FlexWedge USB Single Input Gage Interface

FlexWedge USB combines the ease of use and affordability of a USB keyboard wedge with the advanced configuration options of the most flexible gage interface ever produced!  

Both USB Serial & Keyboard output - Combined in one interface!

The numerous benefits of the FlexWedge USB include:

  • Plug and Play USB, no setup required
  • Includes both USB (Virtual ComPort) and HID USB (Keyboard) output
  • Continuously/stream readings from a device (up to 30 readings/second)
  • TIR Mode with MIN/MAX/TIR output

Advanced HID features:

  • Powerful spreadsheet functions:
    • Send readings to specific cells
    • Column/row mapping
    • Date/time stamp data
    • Move up/down/tab/return to beginning
  • Populate your existing customer report templates

Advanced VCP features:

  • Advanced configuration options for customizing the data transfer methods and formats
  • Select output format to emulate popular interface formats
  • Capture data using standard SPC software designed to read the Comport(serial port)
  • Host commands for data sending

Connect multiple FlexWedge USBs to a PC using standard USB hub

Use standard gage cables to send data via USB connection

Select the best gage for your process, when your needs change, so can your interface.