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Starrett Altissimo Electronic Height Gage Digital Height Gage Starrett

Starrett Altissimo Electronic Height Gage

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Product Description

Starrett 0-24" Electronic Height Gage

A unique, ergonomically shaped base, hardened and ground, that fits your grip just right to easily move the gage and press the hot key that lets you select measuring results on the fly.

24" measuring range extendable to 30" by rotating probe holder.

Smart probe can measure IDs or ODs.

Large, easy-to-read interactive LCD with unique scanning meter for monitoring probe position.

Electronically adjustable beeper volume.

Retains the last calibrated diameter of the measuring probe, even after the gage is shut down.

Dynamic bi-directional probing with point and scan modes.

Easy operation with speed wheel, which also has fine-adjust feature.

Five measurement modes: (ID/OD, Center, TIR, Max/Min, Continuous Display).

Two selectable Datums and Preset.

Automatic calculation of eight measurement routines: Center, Diameter, Height, Max, Min, TIR, Distance to last feature, Distance between last two points.

Gages include carbide probe, probe holder and probe calibration block.

Selectable Resolution: .0001"/.0005"/.001" (.002mm/.01mm/.02mm)

Accuracy: .0003" (.008mm)