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TP25 Deltronic 25-pc Class X Pin Gage Set (.0001

TP25 Deltronic 25-pc Class X Pin Gage Set (.0001" steps)

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Deltronic 25-pc Class X Pin Gage Set

The Deltronic 25-pc Class X Pin Gage Set is a unique combination of plug gages that has become a basic measuring tool for the metalworking industry.

The TP-25 is a 25 pc pin gage set that includes a Nominal Pin Gage, and then 12 pins in tenth steps (0.0001") above the Nominal, and 12 pins in tenth steps (0.0001") below the Nominal. Sets can be ordered with ANY desired nominal pin.

All Deltronic Class X Gage Pin Sets include a Certificate of Accuracy that unconditionally guarantees the following...

  • Accuracy of each Pin to be within + 0.000,040" / - 0.0000"
  • Surface finish approximately 1 microinch
  • Both ends concentric to each other

    Tenth step Gage-Sets have virtually unlimited applications in various Q.C., prototype and production  functions. They provide standards for zeroing comparators, setting snap gages, hole center and layout determination, micrometer checking, precision arbors for staging parts and/or checking runout of blanks, etc. Receiving Inspectors can “walk up,” in tenth steps, to actual new hole sizes of plated or anodized parts.

    Please select Nominal Pin Gage Range from the pulldown menu.

    After receipt of order, we will email you to get the actual Nominal Pin Gage Size that you want, or you can include that Nominal Pin Gage Size in the Notes section during checkout.

    Deltronic TP25 Pin Gage Sets