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Vermont Standard Metric Thread Plug Gages GO / NO GO M25.0x2.00  Vermont

Vermont Metric Thread Plug Gage Assembly, GO/NOGO, M39.0x4.00

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Product Description

Vermont Metric Thread Plug Gage Assembly, GO/NOGO,

Vermont's Thread Gages allow you to inspect the pitch diameter and the functional thread for internal threaded products.

All stock Metric Thread Plug Gages are made to Class X tolerances per ASME B1.16M (Metric M Series Screw Threads).

A Certificate of Accuracy is included with each gage.

Available in 6H, and each Thread Plug Gage is marked with nominal size, threads per inch, class of fit and pitch diameters.

Features include...

  • M39.0 x 4.00 Threads
  • GO and NO GO Set
  • Certificate of Accuracy included

Select Trilock Plug or Set Plug from Pull Down Menu.

Trilock Plug 6H...

  • GO Gage Length: 47.6mm
  • NO GO Gage Length: 22.2mm
  • GO Pitch Diameter: 36.402mm
  • NO GO Pitch Diameter: 36.702mm

Set Plug 6g...

  • GO Gage Length: 73.0mm
  • NO GO Gage Length: 47.6mm
  • GO Pitch Diameter: 36.342mm
  • NO GO Pitch Diameter: 36.118mm