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Vermont Standard Metric Thread Ring Gages Set GO / NO GO M16.0x2.00 6g  Vermont

Vermont Metric Thread Ring Gage Set, GO/NOGO, M16.0x2.00 6g

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Product Description

Vermont Metric Thread Ring Gage Set, GO/NOGO

Vermont's Thread Gages allow you to inspect the pitch diameter for threaded products.

All stock Thread Ring Gages are made to Class X tolerances per ASME B1.16M (Metric Series Screw Threads).

A Certificate of Accuracy is included with each gage.

Each Metric Thread Ring Gage is marked with nominal size, class of fit and pitch diameters.

Features include...

  • M16.0x2.00 6g Threads
  • GO and NO GO Set
  • Certificate of Accuracy included
  • Made from Tool Steel, 60/62 Rc.

Specifications include...

  • GO Gage Length: 14.3mm
  • NO GO Gage Length: 14.3mm
  • GO Pitch Diameter: 14.663mm
  • NO GO Pitch Diameter: 14.503mm