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WLNK-AT WedgeLink AT RS-232 Interface Box to USB Keyboard Gage Interface Box MicroRidge

WLNK-AT WedgeLink AT RS-232 Interface Box to USB Keyboard

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Product Description

WedgeLink AT RS-232 Interface Box to USB Keyboard

The WedgeLink AT is a user-configurable hardware keyboard wedge that accepts input from any RS-232 device. With the WedgeLink AT, you can transfer RS-232 data into any PC application that accepts keyboard input. Some of the more common applications that are used with the WedgeLink AT include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.

WedgeLink AT also has the ability to pass the gage data through a parsing filter before sending to your PC.  It is not uncommon for a serial device to output more than just the measurement (date, time, units, etc.).  With the WedgeLink AT parsing function, you can extract just the information you need before sending to the PC.

Features include...

  • Supports any RS-232 device.
  • Plug directly into the USB port; looks like a keyboard to your PC.
  • Automatically detect baud rate and communication parameters of the connected serial device.
  • Supports baud rates from 600 to 57.6k.
  • Red/green bi-color LED to notify user of current status.
  • Simple to use Windows setup program to define the WedgeLink AT operation.
  • Send commands to your serial device by pressing the built-in read button or optional remote read switch.
  • Works with serial devices that send single or continuous readings.
  • Extensive parsing capabilities:
    • Remove unwanted characters from the input packet.
    • Replace characters with new characters.
    • Extract the first numeric field from the input packet.
    • Define prefix and/or suffix strings to be included with the wedge output.
    • Specify the end-of-packet character to be sent with each data packet.
    • Apply parsing procedures based on match strings.
  • Define different commands for each read switch.
  • Keyboards emulated include North America, German, French and Belgium.
  • Serial port Communications Test Program (ComTestSerial) included to assist you in understanding what is actually being sent from your serial device.

Automatic Baud Rate Detection

A unique feature of WedgeLink AT is the ability to automatically determine the serial baud rate and communication parameters.  It is not uncommon that you are not sure what parameters your serial device is set to and you have no idea where the manual is.  If you can initiate a reading from your serial device by pressing a send or print button, you can have WedgeLink AT automatically determine the serial parameters.

Package includes...

  • WedgeLink AT Hardware Wedge
  • 6' USB Cable
  • User's Guide
  • Windows-based Setup Software
  • ComTestSerial test program