Video Microscopes On Sale

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Video Microscope

Available now at are Video Microscope Packages that include USB Color Cameras, Software, and some even include LED Ring Lights for proper illumination, and now these packages are on sale at huge discounted prices!

Click Here to view available packages!

These packages include a variety of the following options...

  • 1.3 MP, 5 MP, & 9MP USB Color Cameras
  • Zoom Trinocular Microscopes
  • Heavy Duty Boom Stand
  • Post Stands
  • LED Ring Lights

Software Features...

  • Image Viewing and Video Capture capabilities
  • View live microscope images on your PC monitor
  • Capture images in your favorite image format
  • Conduct Measurements for lengths, angles, arcs, areas...
    • To conduct measurements with this system, you have to have the zoom set and focused for your part. You then calibrate your PC's image to relate X amount of pixels = a specific distance.

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