How to Setup & Use Your Mitutoyo 500-171-30 Caliper!

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Maximizing Your Mitutoyo 500-171-30 Experience: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mitutoyo's 500-171-30 Caliper is renowned for its user-friendly design and accuracy, making it a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts alike. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the setup process and how to efficiently collect data using this versatile tool.


How To Set-up Your Caliper:

1. Powering On and Zeroing the Caliper

To begin, simply press the green power button to turn on the caliper.
How to Power on your Caliper

Ensure that the jaws are securely closed,

Closed Jaws on Caliper

then tap the zero button to set the starting point.

Zero Out Button on a Caliper

Alternatively, you can adjust the jaws to your desired measuring length and zero out the caliper to ensure accurate readings for your parts.

Open Jaws on Caliper

2. Setting Origin Points

Click the origin button to lock in your desired starting point.
Origin point on Mitutoyo Caliper
This feature allows the caliper to remember the zero point even when powered off. If you need to set a new origin point, simply press the origin button again.

3. Switching Between Units

Easily switch between inch and metric measurements by tapping the grey button located on the caliper's face, providing flexibility for various projects and applications.Mitutoyo Caliper can switch between inch and Metric


4. Versatile Measurement Capabilities

The Mitutoyo 500-171-30 can measure outer dimensions with the lower jaws,

Outer Dimensional Measurement with Caliper

inner dimensions with the upper jaws,

Inner Dimensional Measurement with Caliper

and depth using the extending rod at the end of the caliper, offering comprehensive measurement solutions in one tool.

Depth Measurement with a Caliper

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2. Wired Data Collection

Connecting to PC for Data Collection

For wired connections to a PC, ensure you have the appropriate SPC cable with type C connections.

Type C SPC Cable Connection

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Next, connect your SPC cable to the caliper.

SPC Cable connected to Mitutoyo Caliper


Then plug in your SPC cable to your PC.

SPC Cable Connected to PC


Once connected to your caliper and your PC, press the data send button to transfer readings directly to Excel for efficient data collection and analysis.

Data Send button on an SPC Cable


3. Wireless Data Collection

MicroRidge Mobile Collect

For wireless connections, utilize a transmitter and receiver setup.

Wireless Data Collection Transmitter and Receiver
Plug the transmitter into the caliper
Wireless Transmitter Plugged into Caliper
and the receiver into your computer,
Wireless Receiver plugged into your PC
then press the data send button to transmit readings seamlessly.
Data Send Button on Wireless Data Collection


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4. Wireless Data Collection with Apple Devices

Compatibility with Apple Devices

To connect the caliper to an iPad, iPhone, or Apple computer, you'll need an Apple Lightning to USB Adapter.Lightning USB Cable for Data Collection

Plug the USB end of your SPC cable or receiver into the adapter,

Plug the USB into the Lightning Adapter


then connect the Lightning cable to your Apple device to begin collecting data effortlessly.

Wireless Data Collection to Apple Device

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For a step-by-step guide on How To Collect Data With a Caliper, check out the video below:

By following these simple steps, you can maximize the functionality of your Mitutoyo 500-171-30 Caliper and streamline your measurement processes!




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