Mitutoyo Fall Promo at 2023

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Mitutoyo Fall Promo

Mitutoyo Fall Promo 2023

Fall Promo 2023

The 2023 Mitutoyo fall promotion contains many new products such as the completely redesigned LH600F Linear Height Gage, IDC/IDF indicators and pneumatic fixturing for the Litematic. The promotion also features popular Mitutoyo tools and instruments including data management solutions, calipers, micrometers, linear encoders, indicators, height gages, microscopes, hardness testers, Quick Scope digital microscopes and Quick Image digital profile projectors. Prices are Effective October 2nd through December 15th, 2023. 

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High-Accuracy Height Gage Linear Height LH-600F/FG600E

The highest accuracy height gage on the market is now even easier to use. The Mitutoyo LH-600F Linear Height Measurement System is the latest model in the Mitutoyo Linear Height Gage line, designed to be more user-friendly while maintaining the best-in-class reliability and accuracy of previous models.

Linear Height Gages

New Features:

  • Rotatable touch screen interface
  • New self-check feature
  • High-accuracy encoder more resistant to contaminants
  • Improved 2D mode
  • Calibration date warning
  • S1 Digimatic output capable of sending data directly to Excel, wired or wirelessly
  • Additional probe and extension options

Still Featuring:

  • Resolution down to 0.1µinch (selectable)
  • Highest accuracy in its class ± (1.1+0.6L/600) µm
  • Pneumatic full/semi-float system with built-in compressor
  • Capable of standard measurements such as heights and diameters or advanced measurements like angles, diagonal distances and perpendicularity (optional probes may be required)
  • The Origin can be set at centerline positions, peaks of radii or simply on the surface plate or gage blocks

Linear Height Screen Options

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ABSOLUTE 1D Height Gage QM-Height Series


  • High-resolution ABSOLUTE linear encoder for position detection
  • High-accuracy: ±(2.4 + 2.1L / 600)µm
  • Pneumatic flotation system / positioning grip allows for smooth movement along surface plate (select models)
  • Large, stationary display panel with user-friendly icon control keys and GO/NO-GO LED indicator
  • Digital and USB output: Supports Mitutoyo wireless SPC output
  • Fully compatible with existing Mitutoyo Digimatic peripherals (SPC cables, U-WAVE wireless transmitters, multiplexers, etc.)
  • Battery life of 1200 hours in continuous use with four AA batteries, an improvement from 300 hours.

GO/±NG judgment by LED (red, orange, green) and measurement examples

  • LEDs are activated at the time of tolerance judgment: green for GO, red for
  • NG, and orange for –NG. -NG, GO and
  • NG also appear on the LCD.

QM-Height Gage Examples GO/NO GO

  • Measure diameters, gap distances, centerto-center distances, and more
  • Sub-display can show difference between current and previous measurement or distance from current measurement to origin
  • The origin can be set at the top of a surface plate, centerline, or any top or bottom surface within its range

d2 Digimatic and USB outputs

Digimatic and USB ports are provided as standard. Using the U-WAVE-T measurement data wireless communication system enables instant transmission of measurement data to a PC via wireless communication which reduces manual input errors and improves data reliability and operational efficiency.


QM-Height d2 Example

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ABSOLUTE Digimatic Scale Units

Linear Scale

  • The Origin key allows setting of an absolute zero point to be used as reference in subsequent measurements. Once set, the ABS Digimatic Scale Unit is ready to show its true position whenever turned on, rather than 0.00” as with standard models.
  • The Zero/ABS key allows the display to be zero-set at any slider position along the beam for incremental comparison measurements. This key will also allow return to the absolute coordinate with a display of the true position from the origin point.
  • No rack, no pinion, no glass scale. Digimatic scale unit is safely embedded in the hardened stainless steel blade.
  • Horizontal or vertical face according to the scale mounting direction.
  • Multi-function types with diameter displaying function are also available for lathes. (Contact Mitutoyo.)
  • All units come with two mounting brackets, each located at either end of the scale. With SPC data output.

Digimatic Scales


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Mitutoyo Digital Readout Packages

Digital Readout Packages Mitutoyo


  • KA-200 Counter
  • KA-200 Counter tray/arm kit
  • High Resolution Linear Scales (down to .0001” or better!)
  • Bracket Kit(s

*Mounting Hardware Included on all machine retrofit packages

 Digital Readout Packages 2

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Laser Scan Micrometers

Ultra-High Accuracy Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-6902H

Laser Scan Micrometer


  • Improved narrow range Repeatability of 0.03µm / 1.2µin
  • The best repeatability available in the 25mm/1" class.
  • The ultra-precise scanning motor enables the highest measurement accuracy. Thanks to excellent linearity, an accuracy of ±0.5µm over the entire measuring range and a higher accuracy of ±(0.3+0.1ΔD)µm over a narrow range are guaranteed.
  • An excellent option for measuring pin gages or plug gages.

Bench Top Laser Scan Micrometer LSM-9506

Laser Scan Micrometer

  • Integrated display and measuring unit in one unit.
  • Statistical calculation mode.
  • RS-232C output, I/0 interface, and SPC output interface are standard.

High-Accuracy Non-Contact Measuring Systems

UP TO 35% OFF!

Laser Scan Micrometer

  • Excellent linearity: down to +/- 0.3 micron.
  • High-speed scanning capable: 3,200 scans per second.
  • Various ranges available for selecting the best laser for your application.
  • Statistical calculation mode.
  • Memory function has been increased to allow storage of up to 100 programs.

QUICKTOOL* is free downloadable software that makes programming the LSM-6200 quick and easy. *For use with customer-supplied PC and optional RS-232C cable.

High-Accuracy Non-Contact Measuring Systems


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Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial Hardness Tester

With Real-Time Electronic Test Force Control


 Height Gage

  • Closed-loop control of testing forces.
  • Initial and Total test forces (loads) are applied with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability.
  • Extended indenter arm reaches inside diameters and hard-to-reach surfaces at eye level, allowing the operator to easily see where the indenter accesses small or hard-to-reach parts.
  • Automatic cycle start after initial set point is reached.
  • Continuous test mode for automatic testing of all like sized parts.
  • Touch-screen operation with color LCD.
  • All hardness parameters set automatically via the touch screen.
  • Cylindrical and spherical surface corrections.
  • Auto conversion to most common hardness scales or tensile strength.

Rockwell and Rockwell Superficial Hardness Tester

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Durometers (Digital and Analog)

Durometers are suitable for testing natural rubber, neoprene, polyesters, PVC, leather, Thiokol, nitril, wax, vinyl, cellulose acetates, glass, polystyrol and other materials.


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TM Toolmakers’ Microscopes

  • Adjustable illumination intensity.
  • Angle measurement is performed easily by turning the angle scale disc to align the cross-hair reticle with the workpiece image.
  • Includes standard accessories create an overall magnification of 30X.
  • Magnifications can be changed from 20 - 200X by using optional objectives and/or eyepieces.
  • .000050” Resolution Digimatic micrometer heads included.

Tool Makers Microscope

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