Deltronic Class X Pin Gages

Deltronic Class X Gage Pins

 All Deltronic Class X Pin Gages have the same tolerance...

Deltronic Gage Pin Tolerances

Size on each gage

This Self-identifying feature eliminates time spent in manually checking and re-checking gage sizes, reduces possibility of error.

Exclusive Relief "Handle"

Enables use with or without handles to save time and cost, and improve grip under slippery or oily conditions.

Extra Length

Length varies with diameter from 1-7/8" to 3-1/2" to provide more usable gage surface.

Absolute Concentricity

This concentricity of ends, plus extra length, is invaluable for layout and hole spacing measurement.

Precision Lapped

Each gage is lapped to approximately one microinch finish that creates a mirror-like surface with additional resistance to wear.

Deltronic Class X Pin Gage with Insul-Grip

Tiny X Gages with Insul-Grip

The insulator grip supplied free with Deltronic gage sizes .0070” thru .0589” is an original Deltronic concept that provides convenience in handling and control of small diameters. The Insul-Grip prevents transfer of hand heat, acids and moisture in handling and provides instant, size-marked identification.

The Insul-Grip can be moved to any point on the gage or easily removed and replaced when using in AGD Handles. Tiny “X” gages maintain the same Deltronic plus 40 millionths, minus nothing tolerance and are precision lapped, hardened and cold stabilized, and extra long for more useable gage surface

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