Elevate your precision measurements with Deltronic Class X Metric Pin Gage Sets, essential tools for the metalworking industry. These versatile sets, such as the TP25, offer a comprehensive assortment of pin gages tailored to meet diverse industry needs. 

Each set includes a Nominal Pin Gage, along with 12 pins in 0.0001" increments above the Nominal and another 12 pins in 0.0001" increments below the Nominal. The flexibility to order the set with any desired nominal pin provides a customizable solution for specific requirements.

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Every Deltronic Class X Gage Pin Set is accompanied by a Certificate of Accuracy, a testament to the commitment to precision. This certificate guarantees the accuracy of each pin within +0.000,040" / -0.000", ensuring reliable and consistent measurements. The surface finish of approximately 1 microinch and the concentricity of both ends add to the overall quality of these gage sets.

These metric gage sets find application across various quality control, prototype, and production functions. They serve as standards for zeroing comparators, setting snap gages, determining hole center and layout, checking micrometers, and providing precision arbors for staging parts or checking runout of blanks. Receiving inspectors can easily step up, in tenth steps, to actual new hole sizes of plated or anodized parts, enhancing efficiency in the inspection process.

To tailor a set to specific needs, users can select the Nominal Pin Gage Size from the pulldown menu. After placing an order, a prompt email confirmation ensures a seamless and personalized ordering experience. Choose Deltronic Class X Metric Pin Gage Sets for unparalleled precision in your metalworking endeavors.

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