A CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) Fixture Plate from FixLogix is a specialized tool used in metrology to secure and position workpieces during the inspection process. FixLogix is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality modular fixture systems for CMMs.

A CMM Fixture Plate from FixLogix is designed to provide a stable and repeatable platform for mounting and locating workpieces on a CMM. These are dual-layer aluminum fabrications that are rigid and durable, ensuring stability and accuracy during measurements. The plate has a flat surface with precision-machined features that allow for precise positioning of workpieces.

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Key features of a CMM Fixture Plate from FixLogix may include:
  • Grid Pattern: The standard CMM Fixture Plate includes a grid pattern of engraved lables in both the X and Y axis. This grid pattern allows for flexible and modular fixture setups, enabling quick and efficient changeovers between different workpieces.
  • T-Slots: These plates include rows of T-Slots. These T-Slots, when combined with the Engrave Grid Pattern allow for the attachment of various fixture components, such as clamps, supports, and locators, to secure and position the workpiece securely.
  • Mounting Options: These CMM Fixture Plate are designed to be compatible with different CMM systems, offering various mounting options. Optional hold-down clamps are available with M8, M10, or M12 threads, allowing these plates to be used with a wide variety of CMM models.

Overall, a CMM Fixture Plate from FixLogix is a precision-engineered tool that plays a crucial role in securing and positioning workpieces during metrology inspections. Its robust construction, grid patterns, hole patterns, locating features, and modular design make it an essential component for accurate and efficient CMM measurements.


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