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Introducing the Ultima Bore Gaging System from Fowler Bowers, a remarkable leap forward in precision measurement technology. Building upon the legacy of the renowned Super-Bore line of bore gages and accessories, the Ultima promises exceptional quality and accuracy. This comprehensive set includes handles, rings, and heads, encompassing a measuring range from 0.078 inches to an impressive 12.3 inches (2 to 310 millimeters).

One of its standout features is the constant spring pressure, guaranteeing unparalleled repeatability in measurements. The heads effortlessly self-center within the bore, providing a positive feel for users. 

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The innovative "FASTFIT" measuring heads allow for rapid replacement, while UKAS certificates come standard for both measuring heads and setting rings, assuring the highest level of measurement confidence. Moreover, with options for specialized heads, depth stops, and extensions, the Ultima Bore Gaging System offers unparalleled adaptability and precision, making it the ultimate choice for demanding measurement applications.

What truly sets the Ultima apart is its commitment to superior accuracy, utilizing Bowers' cutting-edge "FASTFIT" measuring heads and adhering to DIN Standard 2250 part 2 for setting rings. The extended head ranges, particularly above 14 millimeters, provide users with greater flexibility and cost-effective measurement solutions. In addition, all 2-6 millimeter sets come with a depth stop as a standard feature, adding to the system's comprehensive capabilities. The Ultima Bore Gaging System represents the pinnacle of precision measurement technology, empowering professionals to achieve unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in their work.

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