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One of the unique things that we do at Gaging & Software Technologies is put together Mitutoyo Optical Comparator Packages and make them available on www.GreatGages.com. We want our customers to feel confident that when they purchase one of our Optical Comparator Packages, they will be getting everything they will need to be measuring parts when the package is delivered. On top of that, ALL of our Mitutoyo Optical Comparator Packages include FREE FREIGHT to anywhere in the Continental USA.

The packages that we offer start with one of the following main units...

  • Mitutoyo's Horizontal Optical Comparator PH-A14
  • Mitutoyo's Horizontal Optical Comparator PH-3515F
  • Mitutoyo's Vertical Optical Comparator line, the PJ-A3000

Along with the main unit in each package is a Mitutoyo 10X Lens designed specifically for that model of comparator. Other lenses for each model of comparator are available for purchase, but the 10X Lens is a standard item in our Optical Comparator Packages.

With the main unit is also your choice of digital displays, either Mitutoyo's KA-Counter or Mitutoyo's QM-Data. The KA-Counter is a simple X-Y digital display designed for customers that just want to perform point-to-point measurements.

For customers looking to do measurements like angles, radius, & diameters, as well as more advanced measurements like bolt hole circles, centerline to centerline, and datum-based measurements, we highly recommend Mitutoyo's QM-Data digital display.

The last option in our packages is the Optical Comparator Stand. Most customers really should have their optical comparator on a stand. Mitutoyo makes their optical comparator stands at the perfect height to make sure the center of the optical comparator display / screen is at eye level. For those customers that already have an optical comparator stand, or will fabricate their own, we do offer our packages with and without a stand.

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