USB Direct Gage Interfaces

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Up until just a couple of years ago, interfacing a digital gage to a PC required a gage interface box, a gage interface cable, a serial cable, and some sort of software to "handle" the incoming data. It could very easily get confusing, and often times it was a matter of trial and error just to see what would work.

Well those days are long gone! At, we have a wide variety of USB Direct Cables and USB Keyboard Gage Interface Boxes that are recognized by Microsoft Windows as a keyboard entry. This means that wherever your cursor is in an ANY Windows-based software, that is where your gage's reading will be placed when you send the data. If you want to send data directly to Microsoft Excel, there is no extra software utility to buy, install, or run. You just put your cursor wherever you want your data to be placed, and start collecting data.

Whats also nice about this type of solution is that besides Microsoft Excel, you can send data directly into any spreadsheet software, any Windows-based SPC software, data collection program..., basically any software that you can type in data will allow you to import data directly from your gages.

If you have a Mitutoyo gage and want to connect directly to a USB port, the easiest way to do this is with the following...

Mitutoyo USB Direct Cables
gage interfaces
For non-Mitutoyo gages, we have similar USB Direct Interface Cables available... Click here
If you would like to do the same thing, but have multiple gages that you want to interface with, then you can use the following...
USB Keyboard Gage Interface Boxes
gage interfaces
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