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For years, trying to figure out what you needed to buy to be able to measure your products and then get that data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet was quite confusing. We decided to be the first in the industry to get rid of that confusion and offer Gage Interface Packages on our website.

The packages that we offer include Keyboard-Style Interfaces. This means that either the USB Direct Cables, the USB Data Input Tools, or the Gage Interface Boxes that are included in our packages are recognized by Microsoft Windows as a keyboard entry. Because of that, when you press data send, the incoming data will be placed wherever your Windows cursor is, just like you typed in the data on a keyboard.

The incoming data can also have a carriage return at the end of the data which will allow you to send multiple data readings to a program like MS Excel without having to touch the PC or keyboard. Press data send and the data is placed in one cell with the cursor moving to the next cell, waiting for the next reading. These keyboard-style interfaces work with ANY Windows-based software.

These packages include everything you need to be measuring products and sending that data to your PC within minutes of receiving delivery of your order, and are available in several different configurations...

  • A gage and USB Direct Cable is the simplest package available. No Gage Interface Boxes and no software to install, the drivers for the USB Direct Cable will install automatically.
  • A gage, spc cable and interface box gives a little more flexibility in case you want to use a different gage and spc cable in the future, or if you want to connect an optional footswitch to the box to trigger a data send.

Here are some links to some of the packages that we offer...

  • Caliper to PC Interface Packages - Click Here
  • Calipers to PC Wireless Packages - Click Here
  • Micrometer to PC Interface Packages - Click Here
  • Micrometer to PC Wireless Packages - Click Here
  • Digital Indicator to PC Interface Package - Click Here
  • Gages to iPad Interface Packages - Click Here
  • Gages to MS Surface Tablet Packages - Click Here
    • MS Surface Tablet included in package

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