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Mitutoyo Fall Sale 2023 is thrilled to announce our Mitutoyo Fall Sale, a golden opportunity for enthusiasts and professionals alike to upgrade their precision measuring tools at unprecedented discounts. This limited-time offer extends until December 8th, providing our valued customers with exclusive discounts only from ranging from 15% to 20% on a carefully curated selection of Mitutoyo's top-tier products. What makes this deal even more enticing is that it's an extra 5-10% off Mitutoyo's own promotion!


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Extreme Best-In-Class accuracy, increased functionality and ease of use. The QM-Height delivers outstanding accuracy to satisfy your most critical measurement needs. It measures maximum / minimum and displacement from the surface or by increment. It also measures inside / outside diameter via a unique process (detect the circle apex and process by tracing measurement). Additionally, the QM-Height has a variety of Styli available to match your specific application.


Features include...

  • Newly developed high-accuracy and high-resolution ABSOLUTE linear encoder for position detection.
  • Easy reference icon keys.
  • Possible to measure inside/outside diameter via unique process (detect the circle apex and process by tracing measurement).
  • Various types of optional probes are available.
  • Large size LCD.
  • Go/no-go judgment is performed by setting the upper and lower tolerances. If a result is out of tolerance, the display changes from green to red, so tolerance judgment can be made at a glance.
  • Slider elevation knob (for travel) / wheel (for measurement).
  • With SPC and USB output.





The TM-A1005B is a compact microscope well suited for measuring dimensions and angles of machined metals. It can also be used to check the shape of screws and gears by attaching an optional reticle. Its compact body makes it ideal for use on shop-floors with limited space! 


Features include...

  • Standard 2X Objective Lens included
  • Standard 15X Eyepiece included
  • 2 sources of illumination included...
    • Transmitted Illumination
      • Stepless brightness adjustment, White LED light source with green filter
    • Surface illumination
      • Oblique single-source type, Stepless brightness adjustment, White LED light source
  • 60° Monocular Optical Tube 



MITUTOYO'S Litematic

The Litematic is ideal for measuring materials such as rubber, plastic, film, sheet metal, semiconductors, medical specimens, and other difficult-to-measure components. Standard force models work extremely well for applications where speed and constant force measurements are required. This increases repeatability and reproducibility between operators.

Included in this package is a Granite Stand for the LiteMatic Measuring Head, and then the LiteMatic Control Unit / Digital Display (also included) is separate.

  • The Litematic is designed for measuring easily-deformed workpieces and high precision parts such as pin gages, thin-wall bearings, plastic parts, and springs.
  • Extra-low measuring force of 0.01N (1gf).
  • Hands free operation with optional foot switch.
  • Ceramic anvil models are free from corrosion and easy to maintain.
  • With SPC output.



Mitutoyo Borematic Sets

The Mitutoyo Borematic Absolute Digimatic Snap Bore Gages are one of the most popular three-point bore gages available on the market today. The borematic series incorporates a snap open lever to control the movement of the measuring anvils. The lever style readout saves users a lot of time compared to using a micrometer style readout where users have to continuously turn the thimble to retract or let the anvils out of the measuring head. The snap open lever style readout creates better repeatability among users. 

Features Include...

  • Available in Metric and Metric/Inch models
  • Optional extension rod allows for measuring deep holes
  • Optional setting rings for zero point adjustment are available
  • Contact points are constructed of TiN for impact resistance and better durability
  • Design allows for measurements closer to the bottom of blind bore holes
  • SPC output function offers quick and easy data management in real time
  • ABSOLUTE (ABS) linear scale eliminates the need for setting the origin point every time the micrometer is powered on
  • Elimination of overspeed errors provides a higher measurement reliability and repeatability
  • Functions include Zero/ABS Setting, GO/NO-GO judgment, power On/Off, and inch/mm conversion (on inch/metric models only)
  • Supplied in fitted wooden case




The closed loop test force control on the Mitutoyo HR-530 Rockwell and Brinell Hardness Tester allows for a wide variety of hardness testing including plastics. The HR-530 is capable of testing the inside wall hardness of rings without cutting the ring into pieces. An easy to use brake-start system automatically begins testing when initial force is reached.

  • The curved surface correction function enables curved surfaces, such as round bars and spheres, to be tested for hardness as easily as flat surfaces.
  • Color touch screen control panel displays statistics and graphs; up to five display formats show needed information.
  • Nose-type indenter enables measurement of a specimen’s flat top surface as well as inside surface of cylindrical specimen.
  • The HR-530 is available in 9.8” (250mm) or 15.5” (395mm) height capacity models.
  • Complete with a combination diamond indenter, a 1/16” carbide ball indenter, one flat and one V anvil, 2 HRC, 1 HRBW, 1 HR30TW and 1 HR30N test block.
  • Hardness testing of plastics according to ASTM D785 (Procedure A and B) and ISO2039-2 are also possible.



This exclusive sale is your path to acquiring state-of-the-art measuring instruments at unbeatable prices, ensuring that you're not only well-equipped but also making significant savings. Seize the opportunity offered by the Mitutoyo Fall Sale and unlock both savings and precision before the curtain falls on December 8th. Act now and secure precision in every measurement task. Don't miss out—order now!

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