Newly Added; Fowler TRIMOS Height Gages V8 & V9!

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In the ever-evolving landscape of precision measurement instruments, Fowler Trimos takes a leap forward with the introduction of the Fowler-Trimos V8 and V9 vertical measuring instruments. These Swiss-made marvels are designed to thrive in the most challenging workshop environments, offering a robust, precise, and reliable solution for a range of applications.


Swiss Craftsmanship for Unmatched Quality

Fowler Trimos Gages V8 & V9

Manufactured entirely in Switzerland, the Fowler-Trimos V8 and V9 models embody the Swiss commitment to precision and quality. The instruments guarantee long-term durability, making them the ideal choice for demanding industrial settings.


Unprecedented Accuracy and Repeatability

The V7 and V9 models boast higher accuracy and repeatability, setting new standards in precision measurement. These instruments go beyond conventional height gages, offering advanced features like 2D hole pattern measurement, programming capabilities, and statistical analysis for comprehensive data insights.

Intuitive Touch Screen Display

Fowler Trimos Screen

A highlight of the V7 and V9 models is the user-friendly touch screen display, providing an unprecedented level of ease in operation. The intuitive menus and functions adhere to a strict design philosophy, ensuring efficient use even in complex tasks such as programming, 2D mode, angle measurements, and statistical analysis.


Fowler Trimos V8: Precision Redefined

Fowler Trimos V8

Adding to the success of the V-line height gages, Fowler Trimos introduces the V8 model. Sharing mechanical design and delivery scope with the V9, the V8 stands out with its specific handle for fine adjustment. This feature caters to applications requiring precise carriage position adjustments, showcasing Fowler Trimos' commitment to meeting diverse industry needs.

Exceptional Features of Fowler Trimos V8 & V9:

  • Measuring ranges: 400mm, 700mm, and 1100mm
  • Specific handwheel for fine adjustment
  • High-contrast display for easy reading in all lighting conditions
  • Electronically adjustable measuring force (0.75/1.5 N)
  • Cast iron base for optimal stability
  • RS232 and USB interfaces for versatile connectivity
  • Air cushion (on all models except V3)
  • Dual probe holders (on all models except V3)
  • Manual displacement for precise control
  • Measures heights, diameters, perpendicularity, centerlines, Min/Max/Delta
  • Accessory measuring probes up to 340mm in length available for excellent repeatability


Comprehensive Package and Accessories

All V models, including the V8 and V9, come with a comprehensive package, ensuring users have everything they need for accurate measurements. The package includes a charging unit, measuring insert with ruby ball Ø4mm, probe holder elbow Ø8mm, setting gage, user's manual, and a test certificate.

In conclusion, the Fowler-Trimos V8 and V9 vertical measuring instruments represent a leap forward in precision measurement technology. With Swiss craftsmanship, advanced features, and a commitment to meeting diverse industry needs, these instruments are poised to redefine standards in the world of vertical measuring instruments. Whether you're in a workshop or an industrial setting, Fowler Trimos has you covered with instruments that guarantee unparalleled accuracy and reliability.


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