CMM Styli & Extensions: Which is best for your application?

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In the intricate world of precision measurement, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) serve as the backbone, with specialized probes known as CMM styli playing a pivotal role. This blog post delves into the nuances of CMM styli with M2, M3, and M4 threads, explores the significance of CMM Star Styli holders, and sheds light on the versatile accessories known as CMM stylus extensions.


CMM Styli with M2 Threads: Precision in Small Dimensions

CMM Stylus M2 Threads at

CMM styli with M2 threads are the go-to choice for measuring small and intricate features on parts with unparalleled accuracy. These cylindrical styli, crafted from materials like tungsten carbide, ceramic, or ruby, boast an M2 thread at the base, facilitating a secure attachment to the CMM probe head. Widely embraced in the manufacturing industry, the M2 thread size ensures accessibility to replacement styli or adapters, making these styli indispensable for achieving precise measurements in industrial metrology and quality control applications.


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CMM Styli with M3 Threads: Elevating Precision for Small Features

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Similar to their M2 counterparts, CMM styli with M3 threads excel in measuring small and intricate features with high accuracy. Featuring a cylindrical shape and composed of materials such as tungsten carbide, ceramic, or ruby, these styli leverage the M3 thread for a secure attachment to the CMM probe head. The M3 thread size, common in the manufacturing industry, ensures ease of access to replacement styli or adapters. In the realm of industrial metrology and quality control, CMM styli with M3 threads emerge as essential tools for achieving precise and accurate measurements.


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CMM Styli with M4 Threads: Precision Across Diverse Industries

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CMM stylus with M4 threads takes center stage in precision measurement applications, offering a secure and reliable connection to CMM machines. Comprising a slender cylindrical rod with a ball tip made of hard materials like ruby or ceramic, these styli find applications in aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing. The M4 thread size facilitates quick and easy stylus changes, providing flexibility in measurement tasks. In a variety of industries, CMM styli with M4 threads prove to be invaluable tools, delivering accurate and reliable measurements.


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CMM Star Styli Holder: Unleashing Versatility in Measurement

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Introducing the CMM Star Styli Holder, a device designed to secure styluses in a star-shaped configuration. With five arms extending from a central hub, this holder allows for the simultaneous use of multiple styluses, enhancing efficiency in measurement processes. Ideal for precision measurement applications in manufacturing and quality control, the star configuration minimizes errors caused by stylus deflection, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability.


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CMM Stylus Extensions: Extending the Reach for Precision

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Enter CMM stylus extensions, the accessories that extend the reach of CMM styli, enabling flexibility in the measurement process. Available in various lengths and materials such as carbon fiber, ceramic, and stainless steel, these extensions attach to the end of the CMM stylus. With different tip configurations to suit diverse measurement requirements, CMM stylus extensions prove to be invaluable tools for improving accuracy and efficiency in measurement processes across industries.


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