INSIZE Digital Caliper to PC Packages Promo

Posted by Michael Wood on made a special purchase of INSIZE Digital Caliper and USB Direct Cables, allowing us to be able to offer our INSIZE Digital Caliper to USB Interface Packages at extremely discounted prices.

These packages send data to your PC through the USB port, and the incoming data is recognized by Windows as a keyboard entry, so the data will be placed in ANY Windows-based software by simply pressing the Data Send button, or by pressing the optional Footswitch # 7304-2.

For more information, click here.

These packages allow you to send data to MS Excel, Word Documents, Access Databases, SPC Software programs, or ANY Windows-based software. Where ever you can type in data with a keyboard is where the incoming data will be placed.

We have 6", 8", and 12" packages available to ship right away.

Save approximately 25% now.

INSIZE Digital Caliper to PC Interface Packages

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