Unlock Savings on Mitutoyo PH-3515 Packages: Limited-time Offer until January 31, 2024!

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Looking to enhance your measurement capabilities without breaking the bank? You're in luck! Until January 31, 2024, take advantage of exclusive savings on Mitutoyo PH-3515 Packages that include a range of unbeatable benefits.

Mitutoyo PH3515 Packages at GreatGages.com

Key Package Inclusions:

1. FREE Shipping: Your Mitutoyo PH-3515 Package comes with complimentary shipping, ensuring your investment reaches you without any additional cost.

2. FREE On-Site Installation: We understand the importance of a seamless setup. Enjoy free on-site installation to kickstart your experience with the Mitutoyo PH-3515F optical comparator hassle-free.

3. FREE Calibration: Precision is paramount. Benefit from complimentary calibration services to ensure your Mitutoyo PH-3515F is ready for accurate measurements right out of the box.

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About Mitutoyo PH-3515F Optical Comparator:

The Mitutoyo PH-3515F optical comparator is a heavy-duty, bench-top device that employs a horizontal optical system. Its floating-type workstage, incorporating linear scales, enables swift and precise measurements. With a wide array of accessories available, the PH-3515F is versatile and suitable for various applications.

Diverse Package Options:

We offer several Mitutoyo PH-3515F Optical Comparator Packages tailored to your needs. Each package includes the main unit, a 10X lens, and a choice of digital readouts. Optional items like a comparator stand, edge detection, and surface illumination are also available to further customize your package.

Free Freight to Continental USA:

Regardless of your location within the continental USA, enjoy FREE FREIGHT on all Mitutoyo PH-3515F Optical Comparator Packages.

Accessorize Your Comparator:

Explore our range of accessories designed specifically for Mitutoyo PH-3515F Optical Comparators. Enhance your setup with additional tools and components for an even more comprehensive measurement solution.

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Mitutoyo's PH-3515 Package Display Options:

Discover the M2 Geometric Display:

Mitutoyo PH-3515 Optical Comparator Display

Mitutoyo's M2 Geometric Display boasts a 14" color touch screen, graphics-based part view constructions, geometric tolerancing, and full data format report customization. This cutting-edge 2D Touch Screen Processor with highly accurate linear glass scales elevates your measurement capabilities to new heights.

M2 Geometric Display Features:

Part View M2 Optical Comparator Display

  • Graphics-based "Part View" constructions
    • Generate popular construction types, like Distances and Tangent Lines, from within the graphical part view.

M2 Digital Display Reports

  • Reports
    • Flexibility for report contents and formatting allows for full customization of the data format, header information, and header - footer graphics.

Mitutoyo M2 Display Geometric Tolerancing

  • Geometric Tolerancing
    • Measure features, set nominals, apply tolerances and view deviation results with only a few quick clicks.

Mitutoyo QM-Data Digital Display:

Mitutoyo QM-Data Digital Display at GreatGages.com

Upgrade your measurement experience with Mitutoyo's latest QM-Data 200 digital display. Featuring a user-friendly key panel, this advanced display simplifies operations for all users. Enjoy graphic displays on a large LCD screen, one-key operation for common measurements, and a measurement procedure teaching function. Plus, export your data effortlessly to MS-Excel format (csv) for seamless integration into your workflow.

Mitutoyo QM-Data 200 Features include...

  • Graphic displays on a large LCD screen for easy operations
  • One-key operation for combined measurements that are often used (circle-to-circle distance...)
  • Automatic Identification of measuring item eliminates switching between the measurement command keys.
  • Includes measurement procedure teaching function.
  • Data output to MS-Excel format (csv).

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to save hundreds of dollars and elevate your measurement capabilities.

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Act fast - this offer is valid until January 31, 2024!



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